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Yksi, Kaksi, Kolme
Hahm, D.
R 40
01 - 08 First couple turn by the right, cast down one place and turn by the left, finishing on own sides, man facing out, lady facing in.
Second couple step up on bars 03 - 04.
09 - 12 First man, followed by first woman, cast up round second man and dance down the middle. Second and third couples face up, first couple face down. First woman give hands to second couple, first man to third couple.
13 - 16 All set twice in double triangles positions.
17 - 24 All dance reels of three, first woman with first couple giving right shoulder to second man, first man with third couple, giving right shoulder to third man. Second and third couples finish on the sidelines, first man between third couple, first woman between second couple, both facing down.

25 - 28

First man, followed by first woman, casts up round third man into second place on the womenís side, first woman finish in second place on manís side.

29 - 32 First couple turn by giving right hand one and half times back to own sides, while second and third couples turn once around.
33 - 40 All dance six hands round and back.
  Repeat having passed a couple.

This dance was written for a girl from Finnland who danced one year in the Bielefeld Group.

Recommended tune: The Dalesman
This dance was written by: Dietmar Hahm